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Reservation Policy, Cancellations, Changes and No Show according to Embratur

The booking will be confirmed after the deposit 50% the value of hosting, into account when informed of reservation.
Bookings will be valid if confirmed by email by the pousada.
The guest form fill is required and must be made at check-in;
The remaining payment of the total amount of reserved daily should be made at check-in, cash or card;


Breakfast is served from 8:00 PM to 10:00 hs.

Restaurant: functioning of the 12:00 PM to 20:30 hs. Starting at 17:00 HS started to reserve your time for dinner , the last supper will be served at 20:00 hs.

Access to the apartments is restricted, only and exclusively to registered guests at the reception.

Cooking is not permitted, iron clothes in the apartments, hang clothes and towels on the porch.

It is not allowed to eat food at the Inn that is not purchased at the restaurant. Beverages not purchased at the bar, will be charged the rate of Cork.

Ask if the maximum silence after 22:00 hs .

The Inn is not responsible for values, as well as objects that are forgotten in the apartments.

New daily will be charged in the apartments that remain busy after 12:00 hs .

Any damages caused by the guest, in the objects, furniture or utensils of the pousada, will be the same indemnified.

Clothing or other objects left by forgetfulness in the apartments will be stored for a maximum period of 90 days.

Time to use the pools: the 8:30 PM to 20:00 hs

If you need pool towel ,Please ask at reception. As nossas toalhas não podem ser levadas à praia. The non-delivery of requested towel, will be charged a fee of 30.00 per per towel.
Bed and bath linen will be changed according to the need.

The installed electric voltage is 220 volts.

If the air conditioning, the lights, the TV and the fans are powered up without the presence of the guest, Please be advised that they will be turned off by any employee of the pousada.

Animals are not accepted by the pousada.

Don't play ball in the Inn, due to the presence of glass and plants.

The volleyball court is available.


Daily rates begin at 14:00 hs and contain up to 12:00 pm the following day, regardless of check-in.


From the first payment the booking will be confirmed. No need to cancel or change the booking date, the client must give written notice. No cancellation or change being accepted by phone. The cancellation or change of dates will be subject to collection of fees according to the conditions below:

Amendment of booking dates:

No fee is charged for the transfer of data, only possible difference in price between one period and another, observing the following deadline:
Amendment will be accepted 15 days in advance of the date of entry.
Obs.: Always according to the availability of places of accommodation. (will not be effected changes in new year's Eve packages, Carnival and Holy week)

Cancellation of reservation:

Low / Peak season / Holidays / Special packages

Considering the beginning of the packet or daily, the amount paid will be refunded as follows:
Cancellation requested up to 30 days history entry, we will refund the paid amount.

* Will be deducted the value of the DOC and or card rate.

Withdrawal without cancellation – “no show”

Non-attendance without prior written communication, on the date of arrival, will be considered “no show” (withdrawal without cancellation).
The vacancy will remain available for 24 hours, from the time of entry. After this period, the reservation will be canceled (with retention of 100% So valor payment), providing a place for others interested. THERE WILL BE NO REFUND OF THE AMOUNT PAID.

Withdrawal after the entry

The withdrawal of stay on arrival or after the entry as well as early departure for any reason WILL NOT ENTITLED TO ANY REFUND, CASH REFUND OR CREDIT IN NEW DAILY, resulting in the total loss of the amount paid by the package or daily.

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